Mobile Blogging

Craig Cline, session leader

Bloggercon III
74 minutes, 34.1mb, recorded 2004-11-06
Mobile blogging has become increasingly popular as more and more people become unplugged from their desks and hit the road with their preferred mobile devices -- camera phones, wireless PDAs, Starbucks-bound laptops, iPODs, and so on.

The challenge is in figuring out how mobile blogging can be made easier to do. What do we need to make mobile blogging easier, less a chore, more a part of our daily blogging life?

Cell phone manufacturers are increasing the resolution of their camera phones, but most still offer no easy way to synch with and transfer the photos either via email or wireless transfer to a host computer. And in many locales the infrastructure needed to support mobile blogging isn't there -- too many people have to spend too much extra money to try to upstream their entries only to have the carrier drop the line. What do we realy need to put the mobile in mobile? What formats do we need, beyond GIFF, JPEG, QuickTime and MP3/4? Do we need to work with anything else?

What gadgets and software can Apple, Microsoft or Sun build to make it easier to blog with text, images, and audio and even video, and to synch our mobile work with our desktops, servers, or remotely hosted blogs without requiring rocket science?

And speaking of audio blogging -- try audio blogging today while driving your car 75 mph down an interstate and see if you don’t end up wrapped around a tree? Clearly there is room for improvement there.

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