The Gillmor Gang

October 22, 2004
66 minutes, 30.5mb, recorded 2004-10-22

The extended Gang dives deep into podcasting this week with Dave Winer, Adam Curry and three of the four members of the Firesign Theatre: David Ossman, Philip Proctor and Peter Bergman. [ Listen ]

Adam and Dave give the history (all eight weeks of it) and the raison d'etre of podcasting, and Steve suggests it's similar to the early days of pirate radio. Is podcasting just a flash in the pan, or a major challenge to big-business radio? Will the impact be similar to that of blogs or something altogether different? What are the implications of Howard Stern moving to satellite, and will legislation like the INDUCE Act inhibit freedom of speech in the exploding podcasting phenomenon? By the end of the show, the Firesign guests not only get it, they're guzzling the Cool-Aid.

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