Love on the Web
61 minutes, 21.3mb, recorded 2004-06-23

Wondering who is still making money on the Internet? Romance and wedding related web-based businesses are performing well!

A bi-coastal panel explores how some of the most successful web-based dating and wedding related Internet businesses are faring. Hear how the Internet is creating wealth for these savvy Internet entrepreneurs. What is the secret sauce behind their business models, and what lessons can be applied to other businesses not in the "romance" space?

The panel includes the chief executive officers of HoneyLuna, The Knot and Table for Six Total Adventures & Entertainment who will discuss how their businesses are doing from a profit and loss standpoint, their funding and business direction.

You will learn about the evolution or their businesses, their business models, growth paths, successes and failures, and about the technology trends that are being driven by the relationship-oriented businesses. There are many lessons here for everyone from aspiring business people/entrepreneurs to executives at large corporations competing for mind share in competitive consumer markets.

Nancy Bombace, Founder and CEO, HoneyLuna
David Liu, Co-Founder and CEO, The Knot
Julie Paiva, Founder and CEO, Table for Six Total Adventures & Entertainment

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