The Network is People

Humans are inherently social, but computers have traditionally been solitary beasts. No more. Yet ten years into the Internet era, with wireless connectivity and broadband links sprouting up everywhere, we're just starting to grapple with the forms and practices of social software. Weblogs, social networking tools, and cameraphones are manifestations of a people-centric digital ecosystem. How should the tools evolve to take into account the subtleties of human social behavior? Can they survive as businesses? And what about the unintended consequences, like spam, when people and large-scale networks intersect?

Christopher Allen, Founder, Alacrity Management
Ray Ozzie, CEO, Groove Networks, Inc.
Esther Dyson, Editor at Large, CNet Networks
Mena Trott, CEO, Six Apart

This panel and other presentations were recorded at Supernova 2004.

This free podcast is from our Supernova series.