Syndication Nation

55 minutes, 19mb, recorded 2004-06-24
Syndication feeds using formats such as RSS and Atom allow users to aggregate and manipulate information from many sources. They are a staple of the Weblog world and are increasingly conquering Web content. But is there more to syndication than reading 300 blogs at once? The growing number of entrepreneurs and investors working on syndication-based tools seem to think so. Where is syndication going, and what are the missing pieces for it to get there? Is syndication a shortcut to the Semantic Web, the vision of adding rich structure to the mass of information online?

Tim Bray, Director of Web Technology, Sun Microsystems
Paul Boutin, Contributing Editor, Wired
Scott Rosenberg, Managing Editor,
David Sifry, Technorati

This panel and other presentations were recorded at Supernova 2004.

This free podcast is from our Supernova series.