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12 minutes, 5.7mb, recorded 2005-07-21
Mark Cuban
"Hollywood is lying!" shouts Mark Cuban. But what is he talking about? He's talking about piracy. Cuban states that there is no direct way to stop piracy, and the whole "Hollywood loosing billions of dollars a year" is just a lie! Mark states that if they used the same money they do to stop piracy to find new distributing mechanisms, they'll get much much more out of it. Of course, everything Cuban has done has either resulted in him becoming a millionaire or him becoming a millionaire, so there's no arguing.

What Mark did almost ten years ago with has been the main ground for what we have now, safe to say he was always ahead of its time. He's a man with strong views about things -- from piracy to high definition to podcasting, even the "special makeup for talent" issue around high definition. In this another exciting edition of Larry's World, host Larry Magid speaks to Cuban about piracy, content creation and distribution, high definition and everything content-related you can imagine.

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Mark Cuban is an outspoken billionaire who is the owner of the Dallas' Mavericks NBA basketball team. He founded MicroSolutions, sold to CompuServe for six million dollars,, sold to Yahoo! for more than two billion dollars, and then went on to buy the Dallas Mavericks' team for $285 million, which, after so many controversies is on its way to success. Being the owner of a $41 million private plane, Mark is now trying to do with high-definition programming with what he as done in the past and now ventures in several high-tech companies.


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