David Coursey

tech journalist and author

41 minutes, 19mb, recorded 2005-06-23
Topics: Media
David Coursey
Rob Greenlee, host of Web Talk, speaks with David Coursey, contributing editor at Ziff-Davis’s Publish.com and president of David Coursey Consulting, Inc. Mr. Coursey talks about his years of technology media work at many of the largest and most popular technology publications. His journalism background has given him extensive experience in broadcast and online media publishing.

David talks in detail about some of his recent Publish.com columns that express skepticism about journalistic weblogs and the long-term growth and economic viability of grassroots podcasting for most podcasters. He discusses his thought that podcasting is a fad, destined to fade somewhat, and that major broadcasters will be the only financial beneficiaries of wide-spread podcasting. David also talks about the future of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and whether RSS is something new or old. He also talks about online communities and whether people really have the time to be engaged.

David also talks extensively about his years at CNET Radio and whether CNET Radio could have been saved with some restructuring. He talks about the possible future viability of a technology broadcast network and discusses whether a podcast network could fill CNET Radio's past role in the marketplace.

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David Coursey is an industry analyst and consultant. He is the former executive editor of ZDNet AnchorDesk, former editor/publisher of PC Letter and Former Radio Show Host on CNET Radio. He is now a contributing editor at Ziff-Davis’s Publish.com. He has spent two decades writing about hardware, software and communications for business customers. He is president of David Coursey Consulting, Inc.

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