Tod Maffin

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Web Talk
40 minutes, 18.4mb, recorded 2005-05-24
Topics: Media Podcasting
Tod Maffin
Rob Greenlee, host of Web Talk, speaks with Tod Maffin, host of the National Technology Column on CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). Tod also hosts a technology series on CBC Television called “Canada Now” and is a producer for several radio programs. Tod brings a broad range of broadcast television and radio experience to the discussion about downloadable media. He is working hard to create and support a strong podcasting community in Canada and is creator of the weblog “I”. He himself is also a popular Podcaster. He talks about the fast growth and future of Podcasting. Tod also explains all the special issues created by podcasting public radio programming.

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Tod Maffin is "one of Canada's most influential futurists", according to The Globe and Mail. Tod hosts the National Technology Column on CBC Radio, a technology series on CBC Television's Canada Now, and is a producer for several radio programs including the country's guide to modern culture, Definitely Not the Opera. He has been a host of several national CBC Radio programs including Real Life Chronicles and

In January 1999, Tod launched, an artificial intelligence firm which developed the patented Lexant technology to perform syntactic analysis on public opinion comments posted on the Internet and aired in the media, thus providing a "mood monitor" of stocks. As a leading international authority on the future of technology in business, media and society, Tod is one of the most sought-after public speakers, delivering more than 30 keynote presentations each year. He has addressed audiences around the world -- from Stockholm to Berlin, from Romania to Australia. His fun, jargon-free keynote presentations about electronic commerce, change management and the future of technology keep him in high demand at conventions.

Mr. Maffin is editor of The Future File, a web site and monthly free email newsletter, followed closely by more than 10,000 readers, including national business journalists and senior managers in the information technology field. Tod is also the editor of I , a weblog devoted to people who love to listen to public radio.

He was invited by the Government of Cuba to plan and install the country’s first citizen-based national electronic mail system - a task he accomplished single-handedly on the ground in nine days. He was one of the Internet’s first webmasters, creating a site ranked 7th best in the world, beating out heavyweights such as Microsoft, Sony and AT&T. Since then, Tod's work has resulted in many of the most effective and well-visited corporate web sites currently living on the information highway.

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