Bob Cox

Media Bloggers Association

Web Talk
45 minutes, 20.6mb, recorded 2005-05-20
Bob Cox
Rob Greenlee, host of Web Talk, speaks with Bob Cox, Founder of the Media Bloggers Association and Blogger at Bob founded the BlogNashville Conference and also operates He discusses why he started the Media Bloggers Association and the important legal and regulatory issues facing all Webloggers. He also discusses the war around journalism between the old media and new media bloggers. As bloggers hold the od media accountable for the accuracy of what they are reporting, the risk to media bloggers goes up. The big media companies have deep pockets to go after the small blogger. Bob tells the story about his battle with the New York Times that got recent national-media attention.

Bob also explains what topics came out of the the recent BlogNashville event and discusses how audioblogging and podcasting are impacting weblogs.

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Robert Cox is the founder and President of the Media Bloggers Association, a non-partisan organization of, by and for bloggers which serves the blogging community by pursuing its' mission to "promote, protect, and educate" bloggers and citizen journalists. Robert is an experienced Internet marketing entrepreneur who advises corporate clients, authors and artists on the use of blogs as marketing platforms for media properties such as books, TV and radio shows, and films. Cox edits The National Debate blog.

Over the past twenty years Cox has worked as a Wall Street trader, a strategy consultant at Booz-Allen & Hamilton and CEO of his own venture-financed technology start up. Cox has worked all over the world including stints in Europe and Asia.

Cox began blogging in 2002 and launched his current blog, The National Debate, in May 2003. Cox gained notoriety as a blogger in 2004 when the New York Times sought to shut down The National Debate over his parody of The Times' columnist correction policy. Employing a now common tactic, Cox took his case to the blogosphere and in less than six weeks the Times not only withdrew their legal complaint but announced a new corrections policy for their most well-known columnists based on Cox's "corrections policy" campaign.

The Media Bloggers Association is dedicated to its mission of "promote, protect and educate". The MBA is the largest, fastest growing association of bloggers in the world and has come to play a valuable role in promoting members, providing legal defense services as well as onsite and online training and education.

Cox received his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He has dual citizenship: United States and European Union (Ireland). He currently resides in New Rochelle, NY with his wife, a professor at Columbia University, and their four children.

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