Marc Canter and JD Lasica, founders

Behind the Mic with Doug Kaye
41 minutes, 19mb, recorded 2005-01-14
IT Conversations host Doug Kaye interviews Marc Canter and JD Lasica who have just launched Ourmedia.org. As JD wrote on his blog:

"Exactly nine months ago, Marc Canter and I met up at Supernova. I mentioned to him the idea I'd been kicking around with Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive to create a grassroots media organization, site, and registry called Open Media.

"Turned out that Open Media was, ironically, a trademarked name. But Marc jumped at the chance to dive in as co-founder of this new entity -- he's been a multimedia pioneer for 15 years, and this is the culimination of what he's been striving toward all these years.

"Today, Ourmedia.org officially launched."

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