The Profession of Blogging

True Voice with Stowe Boyd

Darren Barefoot and Jeremy Wright
27 minutes, 12.7mb, recorded 2005-01-16
Topics: Media
In this True Voice show, Stowe talks with Darren Barefoot and Jeremy Wright, two now-famous professional bloggers who originally met by selling their blogging services via eBay. The show was recorded at the Vancouver NorthernVoice conference, and centered on the topic "The Profession of Blogging". What does it mean to be a professional blogger? How is blogging distinct from journalism or corporate PR? What are the ethics of professional blogging?

Stowe Boyd is a well-known media subversive, and serves as the president of Corante, a social media pioneer. His most frequent thought on collaborative, real-time, and social media can be found at Get Real. Stowe is heading the True Voice project, which is a series of podcasted shows, embedded in conferences across North America and Europe. Stowe has been a contributor for many publications including KM World, Knowledge Management Review, Lotus Developer Journal, Enterprise Reengineering, Business Process Strategies, Darwin, and many others.

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