James P. Hogan


Voices in Your Head
51 minutes, 23.7mb, recorded 2004-12-22
Topics: Media
James Hogan
James P. Hogan and host Dave Slusher discuss how the film 2001 started Hogan on a career as an author, on his relationship with Marvin Minsky and the world of artificial intelligence, on writing about space and space travel, whether there is a feedback loop between scientists and science fiction writers, the post-scarcity economics of distributing entertainment online and much more.

Author James P. Hogan is the author of nearly 30 books. His first novel Inherit the Stars, published in 1977, was the beginning of his popular "Giants" series of novels which continues in 2005 with Mission to Minerva. His most recent published book was the nonfiction work Kicking the Sacred Cow from Baen Books, in which he tackles the orthodoxies of modern science.

He began his career as an electronics engineer of digital control systems and eventually moved into sales and training, working for companies such as DEC and Honeywell. Following his dissatisfaction with the ending of the science fiction film 2001, an office bet to "write a better ending" led circuitously to a career as a full-time writer. Over his nearly thirty years as an author, he has focused on hard science fiction. His work features space faring societies, virtual reality worlds, world shattering cataclysms and other staples of the cracking good SF yarn.

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