Jay Rosen, session leader

Bloggercon III
69 minutes, 31.7mb, recorded 2004-11-06
Topics: Media Podcasting
Jay led this session about blogging, academic life and "the disciplines" (your department). We believe in the disciplines -- that is, the institution does and we accept that. And we rebel against them because they are silos too. We know that university life is dominated by the disciplines because universities and the people at them are forever struggling with how to create "inter-disciplinary" experiences and "cross-disciplinary" course work. How to bust out: no one's ever really solved that problem.

Well, here comes blogging. And not to get too cute about it, but blogging has a discipline to it, too. How far is it, really, from "always link" to "only connect?" What do the big disciplines think about blogging and the Internet? Should we tell them what's happening? Do the disciplines care if some stray academics are blogging up a storm? And why are some disciplines so over-represented?

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