Adam Curry, Session Leader

Bloggercon III
77 minutes, 35.3mb, recorded 2004-11-06
Topics: Media Podcasting
"Anyone can do podcasting if they have a computer and a microphone," says one user. Another adds, "Today, it's more about partying and having fun than making money. These qualities are great, so hang onto them. Every podcast is creating a new form. These would never come out of public broadcasting. It's important to remember that the hits are going to come from the bottom up, from the outside in. What we're doing here is fresh and new."

Adam Curry agrees. It is new and a lot of fun. You can hear the humanity come through in podcasting which doesn't come across on radio in the same way.

Read more on this session from Renee Blodgett, and listen to Doug Kaye's extended interview with Adam. Also thanks to Michael Lehman who helped with the live audio streaming from Bloggercon III and who has posted a how-to for podcasting.

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