Lawrence Lessig, session leader

Bloggercon III
87 minutes, 40.2mb, recorded 2004-11-06
There are two very different topics that fit within the category "law." One is the extraordinarily important growth of law blogs, and their direct (and indirect) influence on the practice of law, and the decision of cases. It is said that Howard Bashman's blog has become the 38th Clerk at the Supreme Court. How will this area of blog space continue to grow?

The second important topic is about the relationship between the law and blogs -- IP and libel law in particular. While copyright law is fairly good about the "fair use" of text, it is not very good with music, images and video. How will copyright and trademark law accommodate the increasing range of creativity folded into blog space? Will podcasting be one freedom too far? How might we expect litigation in this area to develop? What legislation might help avoid costly and burdensome litigation?

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