The State of Play

with Ernest Miller

Games and the Law
37 minutes, 17.1mb, recorded 2004-11-04

Ernest Miller, James Grimmelmann and Beth Noveck

Games aren't just for gamers any more. The legal issues surrounding intellectual property in virtual worlds have implications beyond GameBoys and PlayStations.

What are the relationships between real and virtual-world economies? What can these virtual worlds teach us about democracy? Will virtual worlds be regulated? Who owns avatars and game scenarios in Internet-based games?

These are among the topics discussed at The State of Play, an annual conference sponsored by the Institute for Law & Policy at New York Law School and the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Ernest Miller interviews two of the conference's organizers.

James Grimmelmann is a third-year law student at Yale Law School and editor-in-chief of LawMeme.

Beth Noveck is a professor at New York Law School and director of that school's Institute for Information Law and Policy.

This program is one of a series, The Importance of...Law and IT, hosted by Ernest Miller.

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