Nicole Sullivan

Architect, Stubbornella Consulting Group

CSS3 & HTML5 - Beyond the Hype!
7 minutes, 3.6mb, recorded 2011-06-15
Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan, architect with the Stubbornella Consulting Group, appeared at Velocity 2011 to discuss the current state of CSS3 and its relationship with HTML5. Nicole spoke about how the two newly-developed web languages will work with major browsers and whether current practices might actually bring about bad outcomes. She also discussed what issues, if any, major browsers are having with implementing them.

Nicole also discussed the issues and problems for mobile sites with CSS3 and HTML5 and what upcoming versions of mobile operating systems such iOS will do to mitigate such problems.

Finally, she mentions who might have impressed her with their skill and handle of CSS3 or HTML5.

Nicole Sullivan implements large scale CSS solutions for companies of all sizes at Stubbornella Consulting Group. She is passionate about CSS, web standards, and scalable front-end architecture for sites with large numbers of pages and visitors. Her work experience includes working at Yahoo! as a Performance Engineer and International Evangelist.


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