Podcasting Panel

South by Southwest Interactive 2005
47 minutes, 21.5mb, recorded 2005-03-14
Topics: Podcasting
Jones, May, Parrish and Dulaney
Podcasting: what is it and what is in its future? These are among the topics covered by the podcasting panel at the South by Southwest 2005.

A panel of four early adopters of podcasting define podcasting and discuss its future, starting with the relationship between blogging and podcasting and the equipment and effort involved in starting a podcast and keeping it going.

After discussing the important recent developments in podcasting, the discussion moves to the audiences for podcasting and the immediate future of the technology. The next steps and penetration model for podcasting, potential in industry and for making money, and the longer term, year-ahead future are also discussed.

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Dannie Gregoire is the founder of the popular podcast directory, podcast.net. He is generally recognized as the first to use the word "podcasting" in its current usage.

Tom Parrish of 4WebResults (and member of Team ITC) combines Internet marketing promotion with audio production using blogs, RSS feeds and Podcasting to improve search engine visibility of clients.

Stephen Dulaney leads SocialDynamX, a software development company specializing in experience architecture for social software.

Matt May is a designer, blogger and podcaster. He works to bridge the gaps between accessibility and modern web design at the World Wide Web Consortium. He blogs at the bestkungfu weblog.

Henry W. (Hank) Jones, III is an Austin-based technology lawyer, consultant, trainer, teacher, and writer. He midwifes open source, alliances, business development, outsourcing, licensing, and other technology transactions. Jones acts as the panel host for the panel.

This presentation is one of a series from the South by Southwest Interactive Festival held in Austin, Texas, March 11-15, 2005.

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