Jon Bostrom

Senior Director, Java in Technology Platforms, Nokia

Mobile Computing on the Edge
18 minutes, 8.3mb, recorded 2005-03-16
Jon Bostrom
Jon Bostrom tells us how Nokia is moving mobile computing to the edge of the network. Nokia is encouraging developers to program for its series 40, 60 and 80 mobile phone platforms. The developers can code for the platform in a variety of languages such as C++, Java and Python.

Multi-channel mobile phones have WiFi, Bluetooth and EDGE. Using these phones it will be possible to make adhoc connections based on proximity to other devices and enable dynamic communities. Using Bluetooth it is possible to create dynamic Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks for information exchange. Using the mobile networks it is possible to do remote monitoring of phones, employ push/pull mechanism to enable information exchange as well as do remote provisioning of mobile devices.

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Jon Bostrom has over twenty-three years of systems experience, including designing and implementing large-scale, object-oriented, distributed applications. He currently serves as senior director of Java in Technology Platforms for Nokia. Bostrom is responsible for defining and driving the vision and architecture for the mobile end-to-end Java environment. Bostrom has focused on defining the technology and creating the partnerships that will foster the next generation of Java-enabled mobile devices.

Bostrom joined Nokia in 2003 as the chief java architect in Nokia Mobile Software. Prior to joining Nokia, Bostrom was chief architect and a key driver of Sun’s Mobility Technology Solutions group. Bostrom was the Sun lead architect for SprintPCS Vision and the lead architect for DoCoMo i-Mode Java. He was the lead designer for Java software provisioning for wireless and the creator of the Java Service Vending Machine concept. Bostrom is also one of the original members of the JiniTM technology team and was instrumental in the Jini technology launch and formation of the Jini technology community effort.

In addition, Bostrom was with the original team at Hewlett-Packard that designed the first laser printer. Subsequently, he worked on the Smalltalk CORBA binding. Bostrom is on the board of directors of the Open Services Getaway Initiative (OSGi), co-leads the Mobile Expert Group and is co-spec lead for JSR 232 (the Java Community Process Program).


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