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18 minutes, 8.2mb, recorded 2005-05-13
Rob Chandhok
Grab a bag of chips and a beer and reach out for your mobile phone as you settle down to watch the big ball game on the sidelines of that boring convention you need to attend. If this sounds farfetched, you could wait till October 2006 when Qualcomm is launching their MediaFLO system delivering TV content on mobile phones. Or listen to Larry Magid interviewing Rob Chandhok, Qualcomm's point man for this service, starting with "Why TV on mobiles?"

What's Qualcomm trying with the MediaFLO system? Will it replace your plasma TV? Will this 2 inch screen change viewing habits? Will you be watching the same shows as on regular broadcast TV? Will the quality of the video be anywhere close to TV broadcasts? If you are incredulous about the need for TV on mobiles, Rob Chandhok will explain why Qualcomm is betting big on this.

Even if the technology can be created for TV on mobiles, is there a business case for it? Who will run the service and how will content providers respond? Is it going to ride on Qualcomm's successful CDMA technology? How will TV and cellular networks work together? Will they compete or co-operate? Chandhok outlines Qualcomm's plans for how this service will roll out and how they expect to create the environment for it to be successful.

And maybe, just maybe, this will take away the last excuse couch potatoes had for lounging in front of that 42 inch plasma screen.

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Rob Chandhok is vice president of engineering and market development at Qualcomm. In this role, he is responsible for the technical architecture and development of the MediaFLO System. He also oversees marketing and international business development. After joining QUALCOMM in 2000 as director of engineering in QUALCOMM’s Eudora Products group, he served as senior director of business development for the QUALCOMM Internet Services (QIS) division, followed by his role as vice president of technology for QChat, a push-to-talk VoIP technology for 3G CDMA networks. Before joining QUALCOMM, Chandhok served as president of Within Technology for seven years after founding the company in 1993. He worked as a research computer scientist at the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science for more than 10 years, before leaving to found Within Technology.


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