Scott Cook

co-founfer, Intuit

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28 minutes, 13mb, recorded 2005-05-03
Scott Cook
Ease is God. You don't have to be the first to win. Software can save marriages. Commercial entities can improve millions more people's lives than non-profits. Businesses are meant to do good to society. It must be Scott Cook talking. Listen to Larry Magid talk to Scott Cook, founder of Intuit and the man behind Quicken and Turbo Tax in this wide ranging interview on this week's edition of Larry's World.

From an idea triggered by observing his wife struggle with bills to a billion dollar corporation, Scott Cook has come a long way and in a very unusual manner. His single-minded focus on simplicity and ease of use 22 years ago is remarkable even in today's software industry. But how does he compete with behemoths like Microsoft? How is he able to keep repeating the magic that produced Quicken?

Online finance transactions have moved from the fringes to the mainstream in just under a decade. This year more people bought Turbo Tax for the Web than the desktop version and Scott Cook is clearly at the forefront of this online revolution. But where is it heading? Are we now a matured online transaction society or are we at just the beginning?

Scott Cook heads a billion dollar organization, has brought many innovative products to market and has been at Intuit's helm for 22 years. What drives him to continue to work at his day job? What inspires him to be passionate about his work? Scott Cook answers all these and more in this interview by Larry Magid, on this week's edition of Larry's World.

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Scott Cook co-founded Intuit Inc. in 1983 and now serves as the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board. Before founding Intuit, Cook managed consulting assignments in banking and technology for Bain & Company, a corporate strategy consulting firm. He previously worked for Procter & Gamble, the household products giant, in various marketing positions, including brand manager, for four years. Cook is a member of the board of directors of eBay; Procter & Gamble; the Asia Foundation; the Harvard Business School Dean's Advisory Board; the Center for Brand and Product Management at the University of Wisconsin; and the Intuit Scholarship Foundation.


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