Marc Benioff

Supernova 2005
31 minutes, 14.6mb, recorded 2005-06-22
Topics: Business
Marc Benioff isn't just about CRM and Sales Force Automation (SFA) any more. As more and more business activities take place on-line, Marc Benioff wants to convince you that there's no need for most companies to invest in enterprise software. On-demand application offerings like those from can solve most problems, even for companies as large as Merrill-Lynch with 5000 subscriptions.

In addition to targeting its CRM and SFA applications to larger companies, wants to fulfill the needs of the "long tail" of enterprise applications; customized, low-demand applications tailored for specific business needs. Using on-demand tools supplied by, customers can use the same technologies that uses to develop its CRM toolset to develop software to meet your own needs.

Benioff details the technologies and the respective places in the overall technology stack. Using Customforce (an on-demand development toolkit), Sforce (on-demand database and integration tools), and Multiforce (an on-demand operating system), customers can develop software focused on their own needs. Werbach and Benioff also discuss blogging and's efforts to enlist partners to use the platform.

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Marc Benioff is Chairman and CEO of He founded the company in March 1999 with a vision to create an on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) solution that would replace traditional enterprise software technology. Benioff is now regarded as the leader of what he has termed "The End Of Software," the growing belief that on-demand applications can democratize CRM by delivering immediate benefits to companies of all sizes at reduced risks and costs. Under Benioff's direction, has grown from a ground-breaking idea into a publicly traded company that is the market and technology leader in on-demand CRM. For his contributions both in computing and the community, the Software Development Forum - the leading source of information and education to the technology community - has named Benioff a Silicon Valley Visionary.

Prior to creating, Benioff spent 13 years at Oracle Corporation, where he held a number of executive positions in sales, marketing, and product development. Before joining Oracle, Benioff worked at Apple Computer and founded Liberty Software. Benioff received a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Southern California in 1986.


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