Geoffrey Moore

Author, "Crossing the Chasm"

Orchestrating the Stack
44 minutes, 20.2mb, recorded 2004-03-01
Topics: Business
In this keynote address from the Software 2004 conference, Geoffrey Moore considers what might happen to the software industry over the next decade. He looks particularly at what the big, established players might or should do, and how that will affect them and the smaller companies as well.

If you're at your computer, you may want to watch the video version of this presentation. Slides from this session (PDF) are also available.

Geoffrey Moore is a managing director with TCG Advisors and founder of The Chasm Group. He is the author of "Crossing the Chasm," "Inside the Tornado," "The Gorilla Game" (with co-authors Tom Kippola and Paul Johnson), and most recently "Living on the Fault Line," each of which deals with a set of management or investor challenges posed by fast-changing, technology-enabled markets. He is a frequent contributor to business periodicals and a speaker at industry conferences.

Geoffrey is a venture partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures, providing strategy advice and consulting services across MDV's entire portfolio of early-stage investments. He is also on the boards of Documentum and Gyration.

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