The Gillmor Gang

Special Guest Mitchell Kertzman

December 24, 2004
62 minutes, 28.5mb, recorded 2004-12-23

The Gillmor Gang

Mitch Kertzman

Steve Gillmor, contributing editor, ZDNet
Doc Searls, senior editor, Linux Journal
Michael Vizard, editor-in-chief, CRN
Dana Gardner, senior analyst, Yankee Group

The Gang looks back on 2004 and forecasts the year to come. Guest Mitch Kertzman gives us his latest focus as a venture capitalist: the software-development process and software as a service and pay-for-use models. The Gang looks at the recent flurry of BigCo M&A activity, the commoditization of computing at various levels in the hardware/software stack, tech CEOs as bloggers, collaboration, and software reusability. And yes, there's a year-end look at podcasting.

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