Open Source Code

Managing the Opportunity
88 minutes, 40.7mb, recorded 2004-12-16
Is open source ready for prime time? Can you bet your business on it? Would you invest in a business that has done so?

Open Source software is becoming a major issue in the evaluation of high tech and other companies. The questions about Open Source are moving past "What is it?" to "How do we take it seriously in normal, long-term, business processes?" In this panel discussion, an investment banker, a Red Hat executive, an intellectual property lawyer, and a software developer address the issue. Questions discussed include: How does Open Source fit in? What type of effect will it have on financing and acquisition situations? What procedures should you put in place? What happens if you don't? What about the GPL and other reciprocal licenses?

Steve Snyder, the moderator, is partner in the Technology Group at Goulston & Storrs. His work includes advice with respect to financing, joint ventures, regulatory compliance matters, technology transfer and licensing, and other corporate matters.

Dan Bricklin is President of Software Garden, a small consulting and software firm. He is best known as the co-creator of VisiCalc.

Karen Copenhaver is Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Black Duck Software. She was formerly a partner in the Patent and Intellectual Property Group of Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, and began her legal career at IBM.

Paul Cormier is Executive Vice President, Engineering at Red Hat, and has been instrumental in forging tight partnerships with many leading technology companies.

Ben Howe is co-founder and Managing Partner of America's Growth Capital, a national, emerging growth focused, research, trading and investment banking partnership headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

This panel discussion, sponsored by Goulston & Storrs and Mass High Tech, took place at the Conference Center at Waltham Woods, Waltham, Massachusetts, on December 16, 2004.

Read Dan Bricklin's notes.

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