Adam Bosworth

Database Requirements in the Age of Scalable Services

MySQL Users Conference
44 minutes, 20.4mb, recorded 2005-04-21
Adam Bosworth
Building a system that is capable of handling one billion transactions a day is easier than it sounds. That is Adam Bosworth's view and he should know because he works for a company that has managed to achieve this level of scale on a simple architecture based on commodity hardware and simple brute force algorithms. Adam covers a lot of ground in this presentation that focuses on the success of the web, the scalability of simplicity and the emergence of the information server.

It's not always about finding a simple solution to a complex problem, occasionally it's about simplifying the problem. Whereas complex solutions are brittle and break, simple solutions just tend to work. HTML, HTTP, RSS and ATOM all fall in this category; simple solutions that have been widely adopted and work well. Adam believes it is time for database vendors to reflect on how they can provide an open, simple data model to easily server up information similar to the way a web server delivers content to the browser. Delivering an information server that is capable of federating information across the web, intelligently caching and scaling linearly is the next big database challenge.

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Adam Bosworth recently joined Google as Vice President of Engineering. Bosworth comes to Google from BEA where he was Chief Architect & Senior VP of Advanced Development and responsible for driving the engineering efforts for BEA's Framework Division. Prior to joining BEA, Bosworth co-founded Crossgain, a software development firm recently acquired by BEA. Known as one of the pioneers of XML, Bosworth held various senior management positions at Microsoft, including General Manager of the WebData group, a team focused on defining and driving XML strategy. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for designing and delivering the Microsoft Access PC Database product and assembling and driving the team that developed Internet Explorer 4.0's HTML engine


This presentation is one of a series from the MySQL Users Conference 2005 held in Santa Clara, California, April 18-25, 2005.

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