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Opening Move
25 minutes, 11.7mb, recorded 2005-03-02
Mike Milinkovich
The Eclipse Foundation’s EclipseCon 2005 was a sellout, and with good reason: software vendors were jumping in for heavy participation in this open source tools platform, and the Foundation itself showed unusual cohesion with its new Roadmap 1.0. Even Microsoft showed up.

At the conclusion of EclipseCon, Scott Mace talked with Eclipse Foundation Executive Director Mike Milinkovich for a progress report. Among the topics they discussed were Eclipse platforms, tools, and frameworks; how to propose a new Eclipse project, the impact of the new Eclipse Roadmap on innovation; Eclipse’s plug-in architecture; the tension between innovation and standards; how Microsoft’s presentation at EclipseCon benefited the Eclipse community; prospects for an abstraction layer to allow writing plug-ins for either Eclipse or Visual Studio; whether open source projects tend to become dominated by a single vendor; leadership within Eclipse; the changing relationship between Eclipse and Java; plans for embedded software development projects; thoughts on open source implementations of Java and concerns about GPL versions of the JVM or JDK; why Google gave a keynote at EclipseCon; rich client applications with intermittent Internet connections; Eclipse in academia; and the Eclipse application branding campaign.

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The Eclipse Foundation board of directors appointed Mike Milinkovich as executive director in June 2004. Milinkovich, a 20-year veteran of the technology industry, previously served as vice president of Oracle AS Technical Services at Oracle Corporation. He has also held key management positions at WebGain, The Object People, and Object Technology International Inc. (which subsequently became an IBM subsidiary). At Eclipse, his role includes building the foundation’s membership; launching Eclipse 3.0 this summer; establishing a solid foundation for the new open WebTools project, which extends Eclipse to server-side Java; and forming the Eclipse Management Organization and supervising the requirements, planning and architecture councils.

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