Mike Milinkovich

executive director, Eclipse Foundation

18 minutes, 6.4mb, recorded 2004-06-29
What started three years ago as an open-source integrated development environment for Java is today a thriving programmer community reaching beyond its roots. At JavaOne, Scott Mace talked with Eclipse Foundation Executive Director Mike Milinkovich. Listen to Mike discuss the origins of Eclipse, who belongs to the community and who is benefiting from it, what's new in Eclipse 3.0, what differentiates SWT from Swing, Red Hat's recent implementation of Eclipse on native hardware, and the Eclipse perspective on the Java Community Process.

The Eclipse Foundation board of directors appointed Mike Milinkovich as executive director in June 2004. Milinkovich, a 20-year veteran of the technology industry, previously served as vice president of Oracle AS Technical Services at Oracle Corporation. He has also held key management positions at WebGain, The Object People, and Object Technology International Inc. (which subsequently became an IBM subsidiary). At Eclipse, his role includes building the foundation's membership; launching Eclipse 3.0 this summer; establishing a solid foundation for the new open WebTools project, which extends Eclipse to server-side Java; and forming the Eclipse Management Organization and supervising the requirements, planning and architecture councils.

Scott Mace is a journalist and analyst who covers the inextricably linked trends toward more open and more secure information technology. He is co-authoring two books on these topics. Previously, he was conference director for ISPCON, a senior editor at Byte, and an test center leader, editor and writer at InfoWorld. He also produces the online blogs Information Manager Journal and Service Provider Journal.

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