The Gillmor Gang

The Gang Gets Geeky with Phil Windley

December 14, 2004
75 minutes, 34.5mb, recorded 2004-12-10

The Gillmor Gang

Steve Gillmor, contributing editor, ZDNet
Jon Udell, lead analyst, InfoWorld Test Center
Doc Searls, senior editor, Linux Journal
Phil Windley, Brigham Young University

With a preview of his forthcoming book from O'Reilly Media, Phil Windley joins The Gang to share his insights on digital identity. The result is an excellent Digital Identity 101 by Professor Windley. Phil explains the differences between virtual directories, metadirectories, centralized directories and federated identity. Other topics include Shibboleth, role-based authentication, SAML, the Liberty Alliance, and SXIP. Also, what's the potential role of DNS in identity management, who controls identity (users or vendors), and who will be the winners and losers in the identity-management game? [You can also hear other editions of The Gillmor Gang.]

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