Kim Cameron

Microsoft Identity Architect

Digital Identity World
27 minutes, 12.5mb, recorded 2004-10-26
Scott Mace cornered Kim Cameron, Microsoft's architect for identity, at Digital Identity World. Kim joined Microsoft in 1999 when the company he founded, Zoomit, was acquired by Microsoft. Cameron is credited with pioneering efforts to create metadirectories, permitting information technology organizations to create a single view of identities gathered from a variety of network vendors' products.

Today, Cameron is architect of Active Directory and other Microsoft identity initiatives. He talks about Microsoft's new Infocard initiative (a scoop for IT Conversations' Scott Mace!), which aims to provide a common identity creation and management experience within Microsoft platforms in the Longhorn time frame.

Scott also talks with Cameron about the lessons learned from Passport, the shortcomings of today's digital certificates, federated identities, and Cameron's own blogging plans.

This is one of many audio recordings from the IT Conversations archive of Digital ID World 2004 and part of Scott Mace's series, Opening Move.

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