Exploding the Enterprise

48 minutes, 16.7mb, recorded 2004-06-25
Business is increasingly distributed. We work in shifting teams separated by organization boundaries and geography, in organizations increasingly dependent on independent contractors, telecommuters, and outsourcers. How can technology help rather than hinder those processes? Will the grand visions of Web services and federated digital identity become realities? Can any vendor make money in an increasingly standards-based, commoditized marketplace? And what happens to the people involved as centralized organizations are blown apart?

Gordon Eubanks, CEO, Oblix
John Hagel, Author and Management Consultant
Darren Lee, CEO, NextPage
Halsey Minor, Chairman, CEO and Founder, Grand Central Communications
Phil Windley, Associate Professor, Brigham Young University

This panel and other presentations were recorded at Supernova 2004.

This free podcast is from our Digital Identity World series.