Darl McBride

president and CEO, SCO Group

There's No Free Lunch or Free Linux
57 minutes, 13.1mb, recorded 2003-11-18
"I'm not a penguin slayer or a suit-happy cowboy," McBride says in this keynote speech--the most anticipated event of Jupitermedia's cdXpo November 2003 conference. When McBride joined SCO, its market cap had fallen from $1 billion to just $6 million, and the company had only six months to live.

Now under his leadership, SCO is aggressively enforcing its alleged intellectual property rights through licensing and litigation with the help of attorney David Boies--the same lawyer that represented Al Gore in Gore v. Bush in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, Napster in RIAA v. Napster, and the U.S Federal Government in their prosecution of Microsoft.

Instead of our usual interview-style format, we present McBride's unedited presentation in order that you can hear his positions in his own words. In subsequent episodes we'll be interviewing other prominent personalities associated with the Linux and open-source communities to get their reactions.

This free podcast is from our Behind the Mic series.