78 minutes, 27.1mb, recorded 2004-05-26
Whether you harbor fears about what nanotechnology research efforts have in store for society or you welcome major new product developments that will advance industry and benefit society, this panel discussion should interest you. Nanotechnology will profoundly affect the medical services, electronics and manufacturing industries. Can you afford to sit on the sidelines?

Bo Varga, Executive Director, Nanotechnology Special Interest Group (NanoSIG), moderates SofTECH's four person panel comprised of nanotechnology luminaries. The panelists seek to explain and probe the latest nanotechnology research efforts -- some controversial, some just plain fascinating.

They discuss the job and financial opportunities, new products and the promise of cleaner energy and air as they examine the current role that information technologists can play.

Bo Varga, Executive Director, nanoSIG Managing Director, Silicon Valley Nano Ventures

Stephen Nett, Chairman and CEO, Quantum Polymer Technologies
Charles Ostman, Senior Fellow Institute for Global Futures, gives an overview of the future of nanotechnology
Michael Pak, Founder, President and CEO, Nanostellar, presents on the impact of nano catalysts on enabling clean energy and air
Bill Rus, President, Venture Analytics, Inc., provides "a follow the money perspective" on the opportunities

This free podcast is from our SofTECH series.