R0ml Lefkowitz

Chief Technical Architect, AT&T Wireless

Missing Projects
46 minutes, 15.9mb, recorded 2004-03-17
Topics: Open Source
For an Open Source project to take root, it must meet several criteria. R0ml proposes that these are:

a) Everybody (for some definition of everybody) needs it or can use it.
b) Those who use it (everybody, by definition above) want to improve it (for some definition of improve).
c) Significant business value associated with the use of the software does not reside in the software itself.
d) It's cool.

R0ml examines four major focus areas within the IT department at AT&T Wireless with respect to these criteria, and explores reasons why there aren't any credible open source projects around these; whether there should (or should not) be; and what they might look like.

[Full title: "(More) Missing Open Source Projects." This keynote presentation was recorded at the Open Source Business Conference 2004 held in San Francisco, CA. A PDF file of this presentation's graphics is available. See the complete list of OSBC 2004 presentations on IT Conversations.]

Robert M. "r0ml" Lefkowitz is the Chief Technical Architect and Vice President of Data Services for Information Technology at AT&T Wireless.

In these capacities he divides his time between trouble-shooting and causing trouble. [Editor's note: r0ml likely does more of the latter.] He is new to the telecommunications industry, having previously spent over 20 years on Wall Street as an IT professional, first as an infrastructure developer, and then as a software architect, and most recently as the Director of Open Source Strategy for a major investment bank. In 1990, he was selected as a member of the Wall Street Computer Review's All-Star DP/MIS team. He graduated from MIT with a B.S. in Computer Science. r0ml's interest in Open Source software grows out of his fascination with language(s) and education.

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