Chris DiBona

cofounder, Konstrux Technologies

Open Source
45 minutes, 15.6mb, recorded 2004-04-26
Topics: Open Source
Chris DiBona
Linux as a serious contender for the desktop in 5-10 years? Chris says yes. But he says the growth of open-source software comes with some surprises. Some free software licenses (particularly the GPL) are actually more restrictive than licenses like the BSD and artistic licences, which commonly get rolled into closed-source systems. Open source also means that fewer programmers are working on operating systems and other systems programs, and spending their time on applications. (It's better for business.) Open source also give organizations protection against the cascading effect of vendor-forced upgrades.

This leading evangelist talks with guest host Matt Hartley in the first of Matt's series of IT Conversations on open-source software.

As the third executive hired at VA Software, Chris spearheaded the acquisitions of and, and worked on the largest ever IPO in Nasdaq history. He also ran developer and Linux community relations and played a vital part in the OSDN media organization. Prior to VA, Chris held developer positions in computer security with Tandem Computers (Acquired by Compaq) and the United States Department of State. He is a frequent commentator on open source and development issues and has spoken on game development at the Gaming Developers Conference.

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