Chris Bourdon

Senior Product Line Manager, Apple Computer, Inc.

The Tiger Project
56 minutes, 25.7mb, recorded 2004-10-26
Topics: Apple
Mac OS X v.10.4, code named "Tiger," is coming in the first half of 2005 with more than 150 breakthrough new features. In this presentation Chris Bourdon, Senior Product Line Manager for Mac OS X will preview some of the most innovative new features coming in the next release of Mac OS X including, among others, the new Spotlight search technology, multi-person video and audio conferencing with iChat, Dashboard, GPU based image processing with Core Image, 64-bit application support, syncing, and enhancements to the Unix support in Mac OS X.

Chris Bourdon is the Senior Product Line Manager for Mac OS X at Apple Computer Inc. where he is responsible for marketing Mac OS X and its innovative technologies.

This session is one of many from the IT Conversations archives of the Mac OS X Conference presented by O'Reilly Media, October 25-28, 2004.

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