Emotional Life

Julie Leung, session leader

Bloggercon III
84 minutes, 38.8mb, recorded 2004-11-06
Julie Leung
How do blogs allow us to break free of our bone boxes and connect with each other? How are we fastening ourselves to our posts and to other people? What kinds of relationships are we building through blogging? Which sections of ourselves do we let others see? How do we choose what goes into our blogs?

What lines have you drawn concerning the personal content you put on your pages? How do you censor yourself? What communities have you discovered or created?

How does blogging impact relationships both inside and outside the blogging community? Does reading a person's posts provide a false sense of intimacy so that we assume we know someone? Are we "friends"? Or are we "strangers"? Who knows us best?

Do you blog about your family? Your lover? Your best friend? Your boss? Your neighbors? Why or why not? Have you shared something on your blog that encouraged someone else? Have you regretted writing a post because of the way it affected people you know? How are we connecting on- and off-line?

Some bloggers reveal intimate details of their days. What does it mean when we can know aspects of someone's private life yet we have never met in person and might not recognize each other if we did? What happens when we share things with each other on our blogs that are "taboo" to talk about in society or difficult to do face-to-face? How are we integrating ourselves? Is the person who appears on your blog different from the person who appears at BloggerCon?

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