DARPA Grand Challenge 2004

Excerpts from the Live Broadcast
91 minutes, 31.4mb, recorded 2004-03-13

Okay, so none of the unmanned vehicles completed even 5% of the 142-mile course. It was still cool and IT Conversations' first-ever live sporting event! With virtually no advance notice more than 250 listeners learned about us over the course of the day through word-of-mouth and a few blogs. Some sent email from as far away as Germany and Latvia.



Best of all were the live reports and interviews which we compiled from the 12-hour live broadcast including a post-start report from Soren Ragsdale, an interview with Jim Nista about Team CyberRider, and the following great interviews by Dann Sheridan:

Warren Williamsn, Team Phantasm
CJ Pederson, AI Motorvators
Brian Mee, ENSCO
Scott Wilson, CajunBot
Don Verhoff, TerraMax

(It's 92 minutes and a huge (31MB) download. In the next few days we'll also post the interviews as separate shows.)

"A sweet job...It was the next best thing to being at the starting line."
-- Mark Finnern

"That call-in report was great!"
-- David Driskel

"You folks are great...Real news from real people in real time."
-- Charlie Simpson

"Definitely the best coverage of the post start."
-- CB Wilson

DARPA Grand Challenge Video clips

Video excerpts from DARPA Grand Challenge 2004, downloaded from satellite feed on Saturday March 13th, 2004. This video was transfered from the satellite feed provided by DARPA on the day of the race. It is provided as is. The video lasts about 19 minutes.

Low bandwidth - 28.2 Kbps - wmf format - 8.8 MB
High Bandwidth - 512 Kbps - wmf format - 31 MB

The final results of the race can be found here (PDF).

Video hosting kindly provided by the Spacecraft Technology Center at Texas A&M University. [Source: BoingBoing]

Thanks fo Limelight Networks for the live audio stream.


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