CJ Pederson

A. I. Motorvators

DARPA Grand Challenge 2004
9 minutes, 3.4mb, recorded 2004-03-13
C.J. Pederson
The team's vehicle didn't make it to the finals, but you'll learn a lot from these "car guys." Dann Sheridan and Doug Kaye interview Chris "CJ" Pedersen, the team leader and project manager of A.I. Motorvator.

Pedersen, a mechanical design consultant in the LA area, is co-founder of AutoIntelligent Systems LLC, a clearinghouse for autonomous technologies and has been involved in the development of several high technology products. He is equally at home in the shop and enjoys designing, building and racing hot rods and other radical vehicles in his spare time including gravity powered race vehicles, flying wings, and NASCAR stock cars. Pedersen has a strong racing background, competing since 1992 in local racing events as both driver and crew chief. Pedersen is an excellent machinist and fabricator as well as a licensed Airframe and Powerplant mechanic. [Source: autointelligent.com]

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