David Weinberger

Memory Lane
52 minutes, 18.2mb, recorded 2004-08-25
David Weinberger, a Harvard Law School Berkman Fellow, is the author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined and co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, goes to it with Halley on a wide range of subjects when she catches him on vacation in Martha's Vineyard a week before the Republican National Convention.

They discuss the conventions, both the DNC and RNC, political blogging efforts including those of Dave Winer, Jay Rosen, Matt Gross, Zephyr Teachout among others and Dan Gillmor's excellent chapter on digital democracy in his book, We The Media. His discussion of traditional media and not-so-traditional media leads to high praise for a particularly brilliant political journalist, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

David takes the politicians' poor marketing techniques to task, suggesting they commit all the same sins of cluelessness your everyday TV product marketers love to do on a regular basis.

David suggests the actually media itself -- blogging -- is inherently political, as it allows a wide range of opinions to be voiced, and is not easy to control or spin by political operatives.

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