The Gillmor Gang

with guest Dan Bricklin

February 4, 2005
66 minutes, 30.7mb, recorded 2005-02-03

The Gillmor Gang

The Gang asks guest Dan Bricklin, president of Software Garden, what innovations are on his radar. Dan's answers include the trend to large amounts of storage that allow a store-now-think-later approach, mobility, cheap CPU power and IP connectivity everywhere. We're seeing success from those who plan for, or at least enable unintended consequences. "Google caught everyone by surprise," by using the population to generate the connection database, says Dan.

The gang digs into the benefits of pervasive devices that can share with others and considers whether evolution shows us how markets work. Is there a technology ecosystem?

And what's new in interfaces? Google again. And Flash (and to some extent DHTML and JavaScript), which allow us to developed rich controls again.

Today's Gillmor Gang:

Steve Gillmor, contributing editor, ZDNet
Doc Searls, senior editor, Linux Journal
Dan Farber, editor, ZDNet/CNet
Dana Gardner, senior analyst, Yankee Group
Mike Vizard, editor-in-chief, CRN

And our special guest:

Dan Bricklin

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