The Gillmor Gang

Guests: Robert Scoble and Sam Whitmore

January 7, 2005
62 minutes, 28.7mb, recorded 2005-01-07
Topics: Microsoft

The Gillmor Gang

It's CES week and The Gang is joined by guests Sam Whitmore and Robert Scoble. While the old-guard media talks about the latest gadgets premiering at CES, The Gang explores what's going on behind the scenes. Will Robert defend Bill Gate's Communism remark? Is HP hedging its bets by supporting both Microsoft and Linux-based entertainment systems? What about the architecture: Will there be PCs in our living rooms, or will they just be entertainment peripherals? And will anyone buy this media-center stuff or is it really too expensive?

TiVo will take a hit as PVRs are built-into TVs. Doc reports that the FCC is well aware of what might happen and what restructuring of telcos and cable may be required when the demand side (people) become suppliers of programming. And there's a hint that cars could become open systems -- backplanes for multimedia and other devices.

Podcasting at CES? Not this year. Few seem to have even heard of it yet. (Are iPods and iTunes Apple's Roach Motel?) The Gang looks to the future and how distribution and syndication will change. Will BigMedia companies adapt? And how will the entertainment industry change when the demand side competes with the supply side for shelf space?

Today's Gillmor Gang:

Steve Gillmor, contributing editor, ZDNet
Doc Searls, senior editor, Linux Journal
Michael Vizard, editor-in-chief, CRN
Dana Gardner, senior analyst, Yankee Group
Robert Scoble, Microsoft geek blogger
Sam Whitmore, Sam Whitmore's Media Survey

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