Eileen Gunn


Voices in Your Head
49 minutes, 22.7mb, recorded 2004-11-12

Author Eileen Gunn has most recently released her acclaimed short story collection Stable Strategies and Others from Tachyon Publication , which collects work from across her 30 year writing career. It includes the title story "Stable Strategies for Middle Management", an allegory of the changes one's job wreaks on a person; "Fellow Americans", an alternate history tale in which Richard Nixon becomes the nation's most popular game show host; and "Nirvana High", a tale of the Cobain school for troubled telepathic teenagers.

An attendee of the Clarion Writers Workshop early in her career, she has been on the board of directors of its sister organization Clarion West for much of the last twenty years. In the advertising and marketing portion of her career, she has worked for Microsoft and a variety of high tech companies. She founded and edits the online science fiction magazine Infinite Matrix.

In this interview, we discuss the effect one's work has on a person, Richard Nixon as a man and a pop-culture icon, generational effects on dystopic views, how advertising writing has helped her prose style, breathing new life into science fiction tropes and much more.


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