The Gillmor Gang

August 27, 2004
57 minutes, 19.8mb, recorded 2004-08-27
Topics: Microsoft

The Gillmor Gang

Steve Gillmor, contributing editor, ZDNet
Doc Searls, senior editor, Linux Journal
David L. Sifry, founder & CEO, Technorati
Dana Gardner, senior analyst, Yankee Group

The Gillmor Gang analyzes today's hot news: Microsoft will ship Longhorn in 2006 as originally announced, but without some important components. Is this good news or bad? And for whom? The Gang considers what this means for Microsoft, IT customers, the open source community and competitors.

Is the Google platform a placeholder for an Internet operating system? Since WinFS (Longhorn's anticipated Windows file system) now won't be delivered in 2006, does the Microsoft announcement give Google even more of an opportunity to control the future of computing? And is this really just a technical delay/snafu or does Microsoft have something more strategic up its sleeve that we just can't see yet?

Mary Jo Foley, author of Ziff Davis', joins The Gang. Ross Mayfield, CEO of Socialtext, is our special guest this week.

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