The Gillmor Gang

May 21, 2004
45 minutes, 15.5mb, recorded 2004-05-21
Topics: Microsoft

The Gillmor Gang is:

This week's guest: Mary Jo Foley

Columnist,, Ziff Davis

Some of the questions asked in this edition of The Gillmor Gang:

  • Is Bill Gates now behind RSS or is it just lip flap?
  • Is the Tablet PC fizzling?
  • Will Exchange disappear and be decomposed into services?
  • What's coming up at Microsoft's TechEd?
  • Is Microsoft downplaying Longhorn to focus on the here and now?
  • Where are vendors looking for new sources of revenue?
  • BEA embraces open source. What's it mean?
  • Can digital identity solve spam?
  • Will there be a trusted third party for digital ID? How about Google?

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