Dave Winer

Behind the Mic
69 minutes, 31.6mb, recorded 2004-10-27
Dave Winer
"Watch out for something that the users get better than the geeks," could be Dave Winer's mantra. Throughout his career, Dave has focused on making computers easier and more powerful for users.

Many of his creations are direct descendants of his early work with outliners that began a the University of Wisconsin. Dave took outliners to Personal Software, created a dual-view BBS in 1982, founded Living Videotext in 1983, released the MORE outliner for the Mac in 1986, merged with Symantec in 1987, then left a half year later to found Userland Software.

He has lent his hand to technologies and standards that have touched the lives of almost everyone online. They include OPML, XML-RPC, SOAP, RSS and podcasting in addition to his widely read blog, ScriptingNews.

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