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Internet Child Safety
45 minutes, 20.9mb, recorded 2005-02-11
Larry Magid
Spam and spyware are not just annoyances when it starts affecting vulnerable young children. But this pestilence, for it's nothing short of that, can have surprisingly simple solutions. Larry Magid is on his own show this week talking passionately on a subject he cares about, Internet Child Safety, to the Young Presidents' Organization.

It is no longer a simple matter of whether kids access what they should not, but the far more vicious trend of such content actively seeking out children. Kids also scour the net for free downloads and leave behind trails which will find their way back home. How do parents combat this trend? Does it require technology or just good, old fashioned common-sense?

Surfing the internet safely is no different than driving a car - it's all a matter of simple precautions and knowing where to draw the line. Larry shows how simple tools and services can increase safety considerably and how the best protection against inappropriate content or exploitative people is already with everyone - between their ears, as he says.

Larry explains how this threat can be turned into an opportunity - an opportunity to communicate with kids, to establish bonds and let the kids grow beyond this menace.

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Larry Magid is a syndicated technology columnist and broadcaster for two decades, Larry Magid contributes to CBS News, the New York Times, U.S. News & World Report and other publications. Apart from technology he is on the board of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and works closely with Childnet International to promote the safe use of the Internet around the world. Larry is the author of Child Safety on the Information Highway and has been featured on Time as a "high tech hero" for his work in developing a system for finding missing children via online services.


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