Owen Davis

co-founder and president, Identity Commons

Identity Commons
22 minutes, 10.2mb, recorded 2004-10-27
Owen Davis is co-founder and president of Identity Commons. At Digital Identity World 2004, Scott Mace talked with Davis about the goals of the Identity Commons, including creating a spam-free mailbox on the Internet; why Identity Commons is a better solution than registering with a social network; how Identity Commons grew out of the OASIS XRI standard; how early revenues are funding the open source aspect of Identity Commons; allowing individuals to express their own privacy preferences via iBrokers; building on the work of P3P; the role of XDI.org; plans to interoperate with SXIP; how Identity Commons is organized; Owen studied sustainable communities and electrical engineering in college, was a principal in two (founder of one) successful high-tech companies -- Gates Distributing and Lighten, Inc. -- and has been a business and computer consultant. Believing that business is an engine of transformation, Owen has been working since December of 2000 to learn and apply the principles of distributive governance pioneered at VISA in to create a socially beneficial commercial venture. The Identity Commons is the result of this effort. He has been active in the Chaordic Commons (www.chaordic.org) as a member and trustee.

This is one of many audio recordings from the IT Conversations archive of Digital ID World 2004 and part of Scott Mace's series, Opening Move.

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