David Goodman

IBM's Identity Strategist

Digital ID World
37 minutes, 17.1mb, recorded 2004-10-27
David Goodman is IBM's identity strategist, focusing on driving IBM identity management initiatives across the company. Goodman came to prominence in the early 1990s at University College London, where he pioneered the deployment of public distributed directory services based on the X.500 protocol. Later he was a product manager at Lotus Development. At Digital Identity World 2004, Scott Mace talked with Goodman about the Paradise Project; the origin and limits of X.500's eventual successor, LDAP; the impact of social networks on identity management; progress made in the past year and the continuing need for global name spaces; and the move to user-centric identity management.

This is one of many audio recordings from the IT Conversations archive of Digital ID World 2004 and part of Scott Mace's series, Opening Move.

This free podcast is from our Opening Move series.