Joseph Chamie

Chief Demographer, United Nations

Emerging Worldviews
38 minutes, 17.8mb, recorded 2004-10-22
Joseph Chamie is Director of the Population Division, Department for Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Secretariat in New York. He has spent nearly 25 years with the U.N., both overseas and at its headquarters in New York, where he has been responsible for a variety of activities, including: estimates and projections of population; assessing national population policies; analysis of demographic trends; population and development issues; and contributing to international conferences on population and development. He also served as deputy secretary-general for the 1994 International Conference for Population and Development.

Armed with a Ph.D. in sociology (population) from the University of Michigan, Joe has worked in various regions of the world, specializing primarily in South and Western Asia. He has worked in national programs dealing with health and family planning issues and has first-hand experience with the diverse problems of less developed countries as well as the more developed nations. He lived for several years in a rural Indian village working in health and family planning and has also lived in areas of civil conflict, having spent six years with the U.N. in Beirut, Lebanon. Joe has conducted research and taught at universities in the United States and abroad, has completing many studies issued under the United Nations authorship, and publishes numerous studies in his own name in such areas as fertility, marriage, family planning, population estimates and projections, international migration, and population policy. Joe also speaks Arabic, French, and Hindi.

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